Island retirement no longer just for the rich and famous…

Retiring on an island is no longer for the extreme wealthy, the 1%, or those Silicon Valley mega millionaires! It’s now possible for everyone!

A small island in Ireland called Arranmore, is seeking residents from the U.S. and Australia. Ok, where exactly is Arranmore? It’s located on the Northwestern Tip of Ireland. Click here for Arranmore’s location via GoogleMaps.

Arranmore has a population of around 500 residents. It is located about three miles off the mainland of Ireland. Most of the residents live in the village of Leabgarrow, where there are five bars and a hot dog stand! Get ready for whiskey and dogs!

Due to the small size of the island, no surprise, it is easy to get around. As my mom would say, it’s a place where ‘old farts’ can walk and not get lost.

Adrian Begley is the chair of the Arranmore Island Community Council. She shared with ABC News that “Island life is a very unique way of being. It’s a very unique experience.”

A relaxing island culture, with amazing sights and fresh seafood, this would be a wonderful place to retire even part-time retirement. If you are looking to ditch the retirement home, consider the stunningly beautiful island of Arranmore as your destination.

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