Top 10 Places In The World To Retire; Who Ranked #1?

Looking to retire overseas? Here is Forbes’ list of the top 10 places to retire for 2019 including:

  1. Panama,
  2. Costa Rica,
  3. Mexico,
  4. Ecuador,
  5. Malaysia,
  6. Colombia,
  7. Portugal,
  8. Peru,
  9. Thailand,
  10. Spain.

Why is Panama ranked #1?

“Panama, in Central America, scored quite well in the Opportunity category, as it did in six others. “Panama is a great place to do business,” said Prescher. “It’s a world center of commerce. The infrastructure is good. If you want to start your own business, it’s an easy place to do it.” The economy there is booming and taxes are low, too.

Panama — which is IL’s No. 1 for the 10th time — also nabbed the highest score for the ability of Americans to get visas (the program is called the Pensionado) and for the category of benefits and discounts for expat retirees. According to International Living, expat retirees get 25% off the cost of electricity and phone bills and pay half price for entertainment. Plus the nation’s affordable health care comes with an additional 20% discount for expat retirees who typically pay about $3,000 a year for coverage (about one-fifth what they would in the U.S.) with a $250 deductible.”

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